TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

Started experimenting on how to implement a free form deformation. For this I am going to drop the transformation matrix from TFigure and replace it with an interface to manipulate all points of a figure. This also means I need an algorithm to divide figures like rectangles so that they will be affected by the deformation.

TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

After lying dormant for another year... starts to look promising:

TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

After lying dormant for a few years, I finally came around to make a new attempt to port TOAD and Fischland to Mac OS X:

There is still a lot to do to but a major change is that all graphic output (coordinates and color) is now floating point based as it is native for Cocoa or Cairo.

Hair Material with Blender 3D

A look at how hair has been made in Ben Dansie's Sintel Lite 2.57b model:

TOAD Git Repository

The Subversion repository of TOAD was gone for more than a year now. Not that anybody noticed.
There's now a Git repository available from which you can pull the sources: git clone Not that anybody will notice.

Athens 2010 - Video

Athens 2010

Fields of the Nephilim pre-gig warm up party at the Bat City Bar.

London, Gotham 11 Festival

Saturday morning. Breakfast. I instantly discover packages of Marmite, which has been advertised as 'Zoon for toast'. My wife advises me against it even though the other Neph fan she knew and his family where quite into it.


Nachdem ich vier Geschichten wieder beiseite gelegt habe, weil ich irgendwie stecken geblieben war, kommt die aktuelle ganz gut voran. Und das 2te Panel von Seite 3 schaut schon mal ganz gut aus. Man sollte wirklich nur mit den Ramschgeschichten anfangen, sonst verkrampft man sich. Fertigstellung bei meinem jetzigen Arbeitstempo: 2015 oder 2016. Mal schauen wie der Comic- und eBook-Markt dann ausschaut. Bis jetzt steht schlendert ja noch alles um die Startblöcke herum.

Hm, drolligerweise habe ich gerade festgestellt, daß ich zu dieser Geschichte hier sogar früher schon mal den groben Plot veröffentlicht habe. Prima, brauch ich ja jetzt nichts mehr dazu erzählen.

Hellfire Festival 2009, Dark Sunday

My Dying Bride gave a fine performance at Hellfire's Dark Sunday and were setting the mood for the coming of The Nephilim.


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