TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

I finally came up with a strategy to extend TTextArea with HTML support: Keep it simple and start with an editor which just edits a single line and displays the internal and rendered representations at once. About two years ago I tried to do the same directly with TTextArea and ended up in debugging hell.
This time it looks like I'm going have something I can easily integrate into TTextArea, replace THTMLView with, use it in the vector graphics editor for text fields and speech bubbles, a collaborative real-time editor, a screenwriting app, ...
And additional data structures might only be required for the paragraphs displayed on the screen.

TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

I was so happy about coming up with a design for non-affine transformations in Fischland, that I almost forgot that I don't just need these for vector paths, but also for bitmaps. I did a first crude experiment without anti-aliasing nor sophisticated algorithms which people might usually use for this. Next step will be adding subdivisions for more complicated transformations.

TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

  • Fixes to the mouse enter/leave handling solved the menubar issues.
  • I began to implement non-affine transformations:
    • Transformations will be implemented as groups, which retrieve the paths from the figures they contain and return transformed paths in turn. This will allow non-destructive transformations which can be nested, removed and parametrized with text fields, e.g. to specify a rotation of, say, 90° and later change that to 120°. This could also be exploited to turn Fischland into an animation program.
    • I haven't decided yet whether figures will return paths or if a special TPen class will convert drawing operations into paths. I thinks it's going to be the later as it provides a more intuitive interface.

TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

Started experimenting on how to implement a free form deformation. For this I am going to drop the transformation matrix from TFigure and replace it with an interface to manipulate all points of a figure. This also means I need an algorithm to divide figures like rectangles so that they will be affected by the deformation.

TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

After lying dormant for another year... starts to look promising:

TOAD & Fischland on Mac OS X

After lying dormant for a few years, I finally came around to make a new attempt to port TOAD and Fischland to Mac OS X:

There is still a lot to do to but a major change is that all graphic output (coordinates and color) is now floating point based as it is native for Cocoa or Cairo.

Hair Material with Blender 3D

A look at how hair has been made in Ben Dansie's Sintel Lite 2.57b model:

TOAD Git Repository

The Subversion repository of TOAD was gone for more than a year now. Not that anybody noticed.
There's now a Git repository available from which you can pull the sources: git clone Not that anybody will notice.

Athens 2010 - Video

Athens 2010

Fields of the Nephilim pre-gig warm up party at the Bat City Bar.


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